Becoming a Better Runner

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Becoming a better runner is a process of continuously building on the work you have done in the past and on the fitness this work has given you. The building blocks are individual runs. Each run you do is like a brick that’s added to the structure of your running fitness. Obviously this structure is not as permanent as a building. As soon as you stop running, your running fitness starts to be dismantled. But consistent training changes the body in some lasting ways. Even after a break from running, I can ramp back up to 100 miles a week pretty quickly because of lasting changes that years of running have made to my body. The foundation is always there.

Runners everywhere and at every level, from high school to world champions use only a handful of different types of building blocks to increase their fitness. But the essential formats are the same for every runner. Experience will teach you everything else.

5 Basic Types of running:

  1. Easy Runs
  2. Long Runs
  3. Tempo Runs
  4. Speed Work
  5. HILLS


-Goucher, Kara, and Adam Bean. Funning For Women. 1st ed. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2011. Print. Touchstone.


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