The Big Deal About Macronutrients

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You need a lot of macronutrients to stay alive. Every scrumptious bite of food that touches your lips is made up of either carbohydrates, protein, or fat – or ideally, a combination of all 3. These 3 macronutrients have different properties and different roles within the complex machine that is your body, but all of them deliver energy that your body can use as fuel.

Complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats that come from whole foods are all essential in the appropriate proportions, because together they contain the building blocks of your life. They nourish us at the cellular level.

Foods like rice and whole grains and vegetables provide carbohydrates, which your body turns into glucose, to give you energy. Fish and poultry and beans offer protein, which your body breaks down into amino acids to repair muscles. Healthy fats like nuts and olive oil give your body the essential fatty acids that it needs to absorb vitamins and minerals and keep you healthy.

Eating might sometimes feel like it’s about satisfying a craving for something sweet or crunchy or salty, but the true purpose of food is to nourish your greedy little cells. Because all cells need fuel to survive. Even bacteria, the smallest of cells, need fuel -and human cells are about ten times the sixe of bacterial cells.


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