After Exercise

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Water: Replace fluids as quickly as possible. Having a big bottle of water ready for the end of your session is a must.

Fuel: Many of us feel aches and pains after an intense workout. One reason for that soreness is because your muscle tissue may be repairing itself during a workout so that you can generate new, stronger muscle. During the recovery period after exercise, your body repairs and rebuilds muscle. Having a “recovery plan” that includes smart nutrition choices can help you recover faster and better.

The Recovery window after a workout is about 45 minutes to 1 hour, so try to eat a recovery meal within that time frame. Carbs will replenish glycogen stores, and protein will help to repair and rebuild muscle tissue so an ideal recovery meal includes both carbs and protein. Your body is primed to refuel and repair at a higher rate during the recovery phase than if you delay your next meal, so take advantage of the primo opportunity to recover and give your body what it’s asking for!


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