Ways to Stop Muscle Cramps

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  1. Run within your ability: Most cramps happen when you push yourself harder than you’re used to
  2. Rest: If you get a cramp, the best way to get rid of it is to rest. Most cramps don’t last more than about 2-3 minutes at most
  3. Stretch the muscle: Some evidence indicates that light stretching can help muscle cramps go away faster than rest alone. You’re not trying to improve your flexibility with this stretching — just pull on the muscle lightly to tell the brain it’s okay to relax.
  4. Drink pickle juice: Drinking pickle juice may help your cramps disappear faster than drinking plain water or nothing. Since the effect is probably due to the acidic/salty taste, any similar drink or food would probably work well, too.
  5. Stay hydrated: There isn’t much evidence that dehydration causes muscle cramps, but it might contribute. It’s obviously worth staying hydrated for other reasons, so keep drinking when you’re thirsty.



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