Don’t Skip the Warm-Up

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@Buffalo Zoo

If you come late to practice or if you are rushing to fit in your run, usually the warm-up is skipped/rushed. You may be short on time and you want to just finish your run not thinking about the consciences of that warm-up you decided to skip. When you neglect that warm-up you are increasing your risk of developing a side stich or tight and sluggish for up to a mile. It doesn’t matter what you are running (speed or distance), it is very important to take a few extra minutes to warm-up properly.

The definition of Warm-Up:

  • Reduce the risk of sports injury
  • Reduce muscle stiffness

Warming-up helps to get the blood flowing and your muscles properly warmed up before you run.

Example: An athlete did not warm-up for their event at a League Meet. Going into the last 100meters of their race, they tightened up and lost the race because they didn’t loosen up their muscles and their legs couldn’t respond to the quick pace.


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