Tricking Your Mind in the Heat

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@Niagara Falls

Think cool thoughts: Imagine that you’re in another, much colder, location like in Arendelle with Olaf. Use mental imagery and really imagine the environment and think about how the cool, crisp air feels against your skin.

  • Your mind is super powerful, and you can use it to convince your body to feel a certain way or do a certain thing (Karen Cogan, PhD)
  • Talking yourself into feeling cooler isn’t going to change the fact that your body is hot and must work to cool down, but it can make you feel less uncomfortable and more motivated to keep running (Karen Cogan, PhD)

Think Positive: Replace thoughts like “Ugh, I hate the heat” with more positive affirmations such as “The heat is just part of the experience—the good part is that it’s working my muscles even harder than normal

  • Find some way to make it a positive for yourself, even if you don’t totally buy it  (Karen Cogan, PhD)

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