Hip Flexor Strengthening

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@ Lewiston, NY

It is important as a female runner to pay attention to your hip flexor. The hip flexor is a group of muscles that allow you to lift your knees and bend at the waist.

The hip flexor and rotator muscle strength usually do not keep up so it is important to learn how to fix this issue and keep from injuries occurring.

For young female runners especially, strengthening these muscles can help to improve biomechanics and prevent injuries to your hip flexor. Put it simple, a hip flexor injury will side-line you for a while and it can be very difficult to come back to top shape during a competitive season.

As female runners start maturing, your hips generally become wider relative to males in the same population. Because of this, your form alters putting more stress on you hip flexor and if not properly stretched, can create pain/soreness.

  • Keep in mind, with girls still beginning puberty, muscle strength will increase slowly
  • Focus on technique and putting a consistent exercise routine in place
  • If you continue to work on stretching your hip flexor, you will develop a stronger biomechanics

In conclusion, this period of adjustment can take up to two years or more. Patience and encouragement during this time will be of most benefit to the young woman.


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