Evolution of Vitamins

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@ Naval Park Canal

After looking into different types of vitamins and nutrients, I have learned a lot of what is truly important for female athletes to preform at a higher intensity. I have also learned it is important to stay informed with the information being provided to me.

As mentioned before, technology and the evolution of research/studies is constantly evolving. New leads are being introduced that could be more helpful to our nutrients intake and what foods offer the best options for our bodies.

The most important idea to keep in mind is stay educated on the matter of vitamins and nutrients. I had the opportunity to take a college course on the subject of food chemistry that allowed me to learn and evolve my understanding of vitamins and nutrients.

Since graduating I continue to research and stay informed on what I need to eat that benefits my overall health and helps me compete in running/races. You need to take the time to learn how to improve your health because you will help improve your body and overall health.


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